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    1. Deeeeeyn

      "If they didn't love you with your yellow teeth, then they didnt deserve you for your white teeth" - Bretman Rock 2020 Louder Queen'

    2. Deeeeeyn

      I love the new intro. Ahee ᰔ

    3. Noor Wrya

      Who misses Brettmann the science bitch

    4. Kaylly Julius

      When you have a whole make up room but still prefer to get ready next to ur bed cos why not 🤣

    5. Some Fookery

      I honestly thought he was about to draw a di** with that Disney intro 😹

    6. lauriana janaiya


    7. Passionate Life

      Why do I relate myself to you thıs much. Are you taking Aderall as well? Like the energy of feeling myself ıs uncompetiable

    8. Mya Shae

      He’s so muscular yet so freakin prettyyy

    9. Cassandra Mae Madrid

      Video suggestion: be any Encantadia character and act like them for 24 hours I luv you Bretman i've been your fan for too long 💕

    10. Aeron Jane Gutierrez

      I’m watching and whenever bret says the word “bitch” it is changed to a computer voice saying “beautiful”. Is that part of the vlog or is youtube just changing it for some countries?

    11. Rynnh Nando

      is my phone’s siri talkin or what

    12. Trusfrated

      Did he just make his intro to like a disney thingy lol

    13. Miranda Flores

      Crest sales 🔝🔝🔝

    14. HeeZun Khate Sagario


    15. Ronnie Marie

      7:25 dead 😂🤣😂🤣😂

    16. Marloxx x

      KGup's been getting real comfortable with their double ads

    17. Queen

      I am so sorry your hair it looks like a wig us girls have to help each other

    18. Tierracporter

      The beeped curse words are creative😂😭

    19. Sha Ron

      What's the thing he drew with the light saber??

    20. Alina Queen

      Love the plants

    21. nyleen nyleen

      i juzt love u

    22. Jackie G

      I just wanna thank him for emphasizing SHOWERING! I know ppl who be like “I’m on day 6 hair” 💀💀

    23. Gacha Love

      Mahala Kita tehe You inspired me to start doing make up when I was like seven lol

    24. alexiapinkyo


    25. makeilla

      for your next video, go to a haunted house with Princess- that'll be hilarious!!

    26. E

      It works on veneers?

    27. Kassidy Day

      “Wow I look so good ! I hate it “ 😂

    28. Daizie Maningding

      Love the new intro!😆

    29. green alligators

      This video was so funny lmao

    30. Moises Perez

      A drunk video is very much needed

    31. Ms.Diva07 #2

      I LOVE this intro

    32. Nautica Skye

      but did u put water on the tooth brush

    33. Jolina Lee

      I love the End😂😂😂

    34. Charlyn Doyon

      I love crest

    35. Julia v Valverde

      13:23 miss k in the back 💀

    36. Natalie Mendez


    37. Cintia Gang

      the amount of time his editors had to replace b**** with beautiful.

    38. not rap

      You live in makaha

    39. Leslie Segoviano

      post more Videos!!!!! love you!!

    40. Amazed Panda

      Bretman makes the best ig stories

    41. Andrea B

      Dam I didn't see that ending coming 🤣🤣best plot twist ever👏👏

    42. Carolina Muniz

      "I love this color now back to me" - bretman rock

    43. Ann-Drey-uh SLiim

      * beautiful* *beautiful*

    44. Sona Dem

      Is it just me admiring her plants?? 🤯🤯

      1. Cherry Nicole

        I love them too!

    45. Bi lly

      Beautiful Beautiful 😂😂😂😂

    46. Russel Daves Story

      Kayak nga ag ilocano

    47. Dangerous Pikachu

      WHEN DID THEY BREAK UP????????? WHAT???????????????????????????????????

    48. Keeon Bingley

      not the disney channel :copy im dead

    49. nohan its your budy sandeep


    50. Jiun Han

      Look at you so Sassy and Savage!!! I love your personality!! 🔥🔥🔥

    51. Jiun Han

      Boy you are tooooo cute!!!😉

    52. Alexa _108

      Can you post more please?

    53. Welcome To Cream's World

      Bretman's face when he turned around and realized that his manager hung up! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    54. Noor Ul Ain

      Wtf, why did I see the video now?!?!? ♥️

    55. Angela Rivas

      i was legit laughing when she hung up😂😂

    56. Kim Taehyung

      Am I the only one who heard bretman say "Crest whitening emotions"? 😂 2:17

    57. Kyle Bagget

      Anyone know much about teeth whitening with a couple crowns?

    58. Sreyabindusuresh Suresh


    59. Zoe Coffee

      13:23: I thought that was a gost🤭😱🤭😱😱 In the corner

    60. Anisha Sonawle

      Now he looks like Nikita Dragon

    61. Daisy Romagnoli

      Giving me Disney channel vibes

    62. thati

      Not your manager hanging up on you LMFAO

    63. David Drexler


    64. Myra Murallon

      Ako nalang uyaba bretman Hahahah...

    65. Iam Chich

      Trynna be as cute as this bootilicious thing #bretman4eva

    66. Mathew Toledo

      not ms.k in the back lmaooo

    67. Gema Mendez


    68. Sally Coulibaly

      He needs to make his own merch that say without turtles there would,t be turtles

    69. Lena Ramirez

      You Louie’s life yoatzie and princess should collab that would be my most favorite video idgaf what y’all do just please consider making a vid with them😭 btw love you BRETMAN❤️

    70. monster hunting girl


    71. Luz Bejar

      “Cause I can’t make you something you already are” LMAOOOO

    72. Hxney

      i realized how they look alike without make up lol

    73. frederick mark

      Not bretman trying not to look uncomfortable while applying the teeth whitening lol

    74. Cloudy Y

      CHALLENGE: "Girlfriend for 24hours challenge" HEHEHE, I wanna see a man side of Bretman Rock

    75. Cloudy Y

      CHALLENGE: "Girlfriend for 24hours challenge" HEHEHE, I wanna see a man side of Bretman Rock

    76. Cloudy Y

      CHALLENGE: "Girlfriend for 24hours challenge" HEHEHE, I wanna see a man side of Bretman Rock

    77. Cloudy Y

      CHALLENGE: "Girlfriend for 24hours challenge" HEHEHE, I wanna see a man side of Bretman Rock

    78. Cloudy Y

      Challenge: "Girlfriend for 24hours challenge" HEHEHE, I wanna see a man side of Bretman Rock

    79. jfkright butcheek



      she just hung up the call lol

    81. oxster plush

      Hey Bret do u remember JORDAE from highschool reply if u do plz

    82. kaori Herder

      Did he broke up with his bf??

    83. Laisa hh

      Self love 🥺

    84. Loretta Rambow

      I thought you were going on a date with yourself

    85. Loretta Rambow

      😍 reminds me of the meme with the “fuck you” in it

    86. Brianna Ortiz

      GIRLLLLL U BUTIFULL My sister has ur palet!!!!

    87. Tim oatmeal

      😭😭😭😭😭☠️☠️ 7:25

    88. Emily True

      Love the self love vibes 💯

    89. Zoe Anoy


    90. The world of IORI

      I have 19 subscribers. My dream is to have as many subscribers as you have. I am only 7 years old. I have more years to work. 😆

    91. The world of IORI

      Diiinggg. Sparkly teeth ;)

    92. Badz

      can you try Filipino make up brands... :) I think that'll be fun to watch

    93. Eris Lizen Tesoro

      Goshhhhh so i saw this and clicked it and just remembered that he was a athlete SKL........

    94. DJD Blue

      Did bretman and his MANNNN break up

    95. Bina Phowan

      Camera guy ig?

    96. dylan james

      when ur so desperate for a sponsor for a video you ask the company that u buy products from to fix your teeth

    97. dylan james

      you needed those white strips

    98. JvngkookTae

      I fucking love him so much

    99. Barah Abd_algadir

      2020 finished 😂

    100. PagSure Ba

      Yellow teeth here🙋‍♂️